Facilities encompasses a large range of diverse and complex services relating to the buildings, land and overall environment of the 54 campuses with services centered on acquiring, disposing, financing, constructing, planning and managing campus land and improvements.  

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  • Announcements
    New information related to design, construction, planning and programming of campus facilities.
    • Solicitations
      Current listings of requests for information, requests for proposal, requests for qualifications for projects, and employment opportunities.
    • Just Published -Sustainability Report 2014 - Developed from a systemwide campus survey in 2013/14, the sustainability report outlines our system's efforts in creating sustainable campuses.
  • Capital Development
    Capital Development information includes details for campus staff and professional consultants on capital planning, financing capital improvements, including capital budgets and revenue fund bonding, real estate transactions, and energy.
  • Design and Construction
    Management information for the design and construction of college and university facilities.
  • Facilities Contracts
    Contracts specifically relating to college and university facilities and grounds.
  • Insurance/Risk Management
    College and university property, auto, and liability insurance and risk management.
  • Multi-Regional Training Center
    Find CPR training in Minnesota.
  • Public Safety & Compliance
    College and university environmental health & safety training and education.

If you have questions, comments please e-mail us (facilities@so.mnscu.edu) or refer to the Division Staff for additional contact information. Not sure who to contact check out the Organizational Chart at: www.finance.mnscu.edu/about/reportingstructure/orgcharts/index.html